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Unabridged Structures LLC 

provides mentorship and advisement to emerging technologies and early stage companies focused on infrastructure. 


We have a proven track record of bringing technology solutions to the Railway 


Founded by Walt Bleser, PE, Unabridged Structures

helps bridge the gap between startups/early stage technology and practical real world applications in infrastructure. Most startups fail as they are incomplete in some way; there is great technology and no application, or great application and incomplete technology. The unabridged version is the complete package: great technology with a great application.

Let us help you become complete.

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Unabridged Structures offers mentorship, coaching and advisory services to early stage/startup companies trying to break into the well-established infrastructure vertical in North America. Working with railroads, transit agencies and State Departments of Transportation is not as simple as buying a hotdog cart and picking a street corner in Manhattan to start selling. This industry is built on one thing: Trust. 


Trust is not established overnight. Trust can take years, if not decades to build. Consider the following:


  • You just received your first round of funding and your investors would like to see returns as soon as possible… how are you going to do that with long sales cycles?

  • You have a great idea, but does the infrastructure vertical think it’s as great as you do?

  • You and your partner are working on a business plan and are preparing to pitch to 20 VC’s. You have done your market homework and have a great hockey stick drawn… but is it realistic?

  • You have a technology that is working extremely well with State DOTs and you want to expand to the railway industry… where do you start?


You don’t have years to build trust with your target clients. The sales cycle that exists in this vertical is already difficult. This is where Unabridged Structures comes in. We can vette your technology or solution to determine if there is value to the vertical. If value is determined, we will not only be by your side at the first pitch, but every step of the way to build the relationship you need.


The founder of Unabridged Structures has worked with the majority of Class I Railroads, Major Transit Agencies and Commuter Railways in the industry. Let us help you break into one of the toughest industries in the country.

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The US Class I Railway industry spends over 15 billion dollars per year on capital expenditures. You read that correctly. Although the focus is moving freight, these railroads are unique in that they own and maintain all of their infrastructure. With that in mind, this industry finds itself on the cutting edge of technology; specifically technology that keeps trains moving, and moving safer and faster than ever before.

That said, this is an industry that has been in existence for over 150 years and is not keen on dabbling in technology just for the sake of it. Thus, it may seem like an industry that is impossible for a startup or early stage company to break into. At first glance, you would be correct. However, if you dig a bit deeper you will find this industry thrives on trusted relationships; and this is where Unabridged Structures comes in.


What makes you qualified? Walt Bleser, founder of Unabridged Structures has over twenty years in the North American railway vertical working with every Class I railroad, major commuter railroad and several transit agencies. Named a Progressive Railroading Rising Stars Top 20 under 40 in 2013 and again an honorable mention by Railway Age for top 20 under 40 in 2019, Walt has done everything from design and inspection of structures to implementing technology that makes railroads more efficient. Walt has earned trust because he has a track record of delivering what was promised.


Have you done this before? Walt lead the design and roll-out of a cloud based bridge management software program which is currently being used by the largest New York City commuter railway to manage over 1000 structures, including one of the most historic terminals in the country. In 2015, Walt

co-founded SENSR Monitoring Technologies. He transformed them from a products company to a turn-key monitoring company focused on the railway

industry. By doing this, SENSR changed the way the Class I railroads and large scale commuter railways view and now use structural monitoring technology.


If you are here you may have the best new idea to make infrastructure better than it has ever been, however, you may not have years to develop the proper relationships to get a seat at the table. Let’s sit down and evaluate your technology not for what it is but for how it can make a railway more efficient.



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